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The Videos

At SpinGasm, we have gone to great lengths to aid you in getting the most from your new toy. Please watch the Instructional Videos, given by Christine, to acquaint yourself with the operation of the SpinGasm. There are videos on, Using the buttons, where detailed directions on how each button affects the operation of your SpinGasm, using attachments, where Christine actually shows you how to attach all the parts of your SpinGasm, and Using the Fleshlight, where there is a "Blow by Blow” instructional video on using the Fleshlight when attached to your SpinGasm.

There are 6 X-Rated videos of women enjoying their SpinGasms, four that are solo, one that has two women using their new toys on themselves and each other and one with a couple pleasuring each other.

Using Attachments

Christine shows you how the attachments fit on your new SpinGasm.

Using The Buttons

Christine give you a complete explanation of how the buttons function on your new SpinGasm

Using The FleshlightTM

Christine goes into detail on how the SpinGasm Turbo-Charges your Fleshlight or Sex in a Can. See her give a large Dildo the best workout it has ever received.

Male Instructional

Turbocharge Your Fleshlight

Sunny Leone and her boyfriend

Sunny and her boyfriend enjoy her SpinGasm


Clara puts her new SpinGasm to the ultimate Test. Even using 2 SpinGasm units at a time!


Jayden Cole

Jayden enjoys all the features of her new SpinGasm


Celeste enjoys her SpinGasm



Marlena enjoys her SpinGasm

Brynn & Angelica

Brynn and Angelica give themselves and each other maximum pleasure with their new SpinGasm



Brett demonstrates his Spingasm