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Spingasm Manual

Before using your SpinGasm we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the buttons and how they affect the operation of your new SpinGasm.

  • The On and Off Button is the top right button. When the unit is turned on the light above the buttons will be either Green or Red depending on the mode your SpinGasm is in. If there is no motion and the light is on, press the faster (up) button.
  • The M Button is the Mode Button. It changes the SpinGasm from Circular mode to Recipro (back and forth) mode.
  • The Up Arrow makes the SpinGasm speed up.
  • The Down Arrow makes the SpinGasm slow down.
  • In the Green Mode (Circular Mode) the left and right arrows change the direction of the circular mode.
  • In the Red Mode (Recipro or back and forth) the left and right arrows will change how far the SpinGasm will spin in one direction before it changes back to the other direction.

Instructional Videos

Using Attachments

Christine shows you how the attachments fit on your new SpinGasm.

Using The Buttons

Christine give you a complete explanation of how the buttons function on your new SPinGasm

Using The FleshlightTM

Christine goes into detail on how the SpinGasm Turbo-Charges your Fleshlight or Sex in a Can.