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Spingasm FAQ

Q: How is my personal information used?
A: Personal information is used only for billing and shipping. No information will ever be sold, or shared. You will not receive any additional mailings from Revolution Novelties unless you request it.

Q: Online Security?
A: All personal information is protected by the most advanced encryption technologies.

Q: Is my information kept on file?
A: No. Personal information and credit card numbers are destroyed after your shipment is received.

Q: How does the information appear on my bank statements?
A: The charge will appear as Revolution Novelties.

Q: If my payment was declined?
A: Contact us via e-mail for resolution.

Q: My payment declined, Why?
A: There are a wide variety of reasons but they can only be resolved by your financial institution.

Q: Purchase Confirmation?
A: Once the order is submitted you will receive an initial e-mail confirming your order. As soon as your order is processed successfully, you will receive a second e-mail indicating that your order has been processed and shipped, along with the tracking numbers for UPS of Fed Ex. Please note that if the e-mail address provided is invalid you will not receive either the confirmation or the shipping e-mail.

Q: Methods of payment:
A: These methods are accepted:
  • Online Credit Card Payment (Through PayPal)
  • PayPal
  • Online Credit Card Payment : We accept Mastercard, Discover, Visa, and American Express.