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The Experience - What is a SpinGasm?

SpinGasm is, without a doubt, the “Newest Innovation in Sexual Stimulation”!

Users love their new SpinGasm. Although the controls take a little practice to become familiar with the function of each button and how it affects the operation of your SpinGasm, after a few times you can easily become an expert. You’re in full control of the operation from start to finish. You can control the motions, put your SpinGasm to work and when you find that perfect spot, you can go for as long as you like. No one ever get’s tired. The unique design of the “Tireless Tongues” attachment allow your orgasm to built and build until you’re ready to explode with pleasure. There’s no numbing affect or soreness afterwards.

The SpinGasm – when used with your FleshLight or Sex in a Can, can do things never possible before. The rotation and reciprocation “Turbo-Charges” your Fleshlight or Sex in a Can giving you the amazing feeling of real sex with a completely new twist! You can make it last as long as you like with the varying speeds and reciprocations and no one ever gets tired. Once you’ve use your Fleshlight or Sex in a Can attached to a SpinGasm you’ll never want to use it any other way!